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To snort or inject Cheese/Heroin.
Alec: Damn nigga, I'm coastin' hard thena bitchh!

Sergio: Me too, I like when we do Scarface lines.

Anjela/Beans: ~OMG~ Eye feel like eyem floating!
by JellyBelly~ July 31, 2012
7 5
hanging out; chillin; state of relaxation.
"hey, what are you doing?"
"nothing,im just coastin' right now."
by ben dover stacy November 16, 2007
55 8
When one displays great skill and finesse in a smooth manner from one location to another.
Example 1:
David: Did you see that triple axel 360 front flip he did off the high jump in Brechinridge?!

Ken: Nah I saw him do the 720 indie backflip out of the helicopter onto the high jump in Mount Rocker!

David: Dam he made that shit look easy too, he's Coastin' right now bra!

Example 2:

Jared: Yo! Did I just see you get Ashley AND Brooke's number in the same bar?!

Chad: Yea, AND I got Julia's number at Benny's Pub earlier, swag.

Jared: Isn't she dating Matt?

Chad: Yea AND where meeting up later for drinks at my crib! FUCKING COASTIN' BABY!
by Groove Swag August 16, 2011
1 8