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1. In pronouncing CoC a long or short "o" can be interchanged meaning either "Cock" and/or "Cocaine".

2. A Trik is one whom (a.) has the cred/being known for preforming "tricks" (sexual favors in return for pre-arranged gratuities) or (b.) a generalization of a punk ass skank down for whatever.

Therefore defining a CoC-Trik as, one whom whores themselves for free cocaine.



{Jerry:} Hey tom ever heard of Emily Peanutface?
{Tom:} Yea... Buddy is friends with her on FB... But watch out dude, she's all "CoC-Trik'd" out & shit...
{Jerry:} ???
{Tom:} Buddy was sayin how she was braggin about her summer sayin she was "sittin on trains" wearin her "conductors hat" while her BF was at work...
{Jerry:} ...Shitty... sounds like a real skank... thx fer the 411 yo!
{Tom:} Peace
by Sir Edward D Hogginsworth Esq. October 08, 2009
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