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Origin -unknown(abbotsford BC Maybe)

1. Someone who purposely snitches ppl out for there own personal gain.

2. someone who is so lazy they need people to do menial tasks for them.

3. A Person who has no job but finds other means of income ie.. Drug Dealers... Home Buisness owners...

See Also snitch, rat, lazy
1. I can't believe Chris went clyris and told his mom we were smoking dope

2. that kid is so clyris he wont even attempt to leave his house and i am not making a store run for him.

3. i see he's being clyris again and getting his friends to slang for him.
by Tek9Terry December 02, 2007
1. A Person who inadvertently Rat people out for no good reason or for there personal gain.

2. A person who is so lazy they need other ppl to be menial tasks for them.

3. See Also snitch, rat, lazy
1. That mother Fucker Pulled a Clyris and told the po-po about our grow.

2. Your telling me jordan is so Clyris he wont leave his house to shoot some hoops.

3. That kid is such a clyris i think he's growing a TAIL.
by Da~Ghost November 30, 2007
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