N. A person who cannot walk gracefully in high heeled shoes. V. The act of walking clumsily in high heels.
That drag queen has a lot of practicing to do before she stops walking like a clydesdale.
by anagramman December 16, 2009
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A tall thick girl/woman who is not necessarily fat, but big boned, voluptuous and still attractive.
Anna Nicole Smith was a Clydesdale-before she got fat.
by werdood November 30, 2008
In the cycling world, any larger-than-average male rider. Most likely labeled so because they are bigger, usually slower and sometimes stronger than others (just like the horse). As it is with most men, this label is taken neutrally (neither a compliment or an insult). However the same can not be said for the females' version of this word: Athena.
Why don't you get a carbon fiber bike?
I'm a Clydesdale! I'll crack the frame!
by The Bike Ninja May 22, 2011
Ladies who are possessed to wear incredibly high-heeled shoes without contemplating the amount of walking involved to get to their late night destination. Their lack of grace and the sound they make stomping about resembles that of a Clydesdale horse. It is a common occurrence on a weekend evening in any city with a night club scene.
These chicks in White Plains are clomping around like a bunch of Clydesdales... and they need to put on some clothes too. Damn hussies
by Whatshername. November 22, 2010
This word originates from the large Clydesdale horses. They are known for putting in enormous amounts of work with little success.
A clydesdale is a guy who clocks long hours of work with girls and is a cuntmug.
Pete dude...Mike Boden puts in more work than the Budweiser Clysdales and he never pulls. He is living with his 1 month girlfriend next year...fuckin clydesdale stop piggying you cuntmug.
by Colton April 04, 2005
fine lookin' lady
That fine mama right there is a clydesdale.
by Anonymous July 22, 2003
An older, single straight male, past his prime, perhaps late 40s into 50s, who hits the bars and nightclubs hoping to score. He doesn't really dance, but prefers to graze at the bar, drinking Budweiser. The male counterpart to a "cougar."

A once strapping but now paunchy male. A stallion turned clydesdale.
At the bar the other night Susan was surrounded by clydesdales, turned on, as it seemed, by her Bud Light Lime.
by ameldamegos January 23, 2012
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