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A clunge-monster lives and breathes clunge. He (or she) is often characterised by delusions of chastity, superior intelligence and good looks. Often pretends to be Spanish and uses this as part of what can best be described as a "professional muffer's handbook" (to include piano playing, sofa-jumping, poetry recitation and translating foreign wine bottles). Regular activities include: muffing, schweffing, chirpsing, degrading, advancing to base 3 (the selfish kind), more muffing, and an unhealthy predilection for masturbation.
- "Why's that guy doing one-armed press-ups in the middle of the bar?"
- "He's a fucking clunge-monster!"

- "Why has Richard got a wrist strain again?"
- "He's a fucking clunge-monster!"

- "Why does Richard call himself Ricardo?"
- "He's a fucking clunge-monster!"
by Del Addy February 23, 2011
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