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Defined as a sex addict who has not received any for some time and shows the signs of withdrawal. Commonly seen as a person who will try sexual advances on several people at once, even if the person standing next to then just declined the advances.

A highly sexual person looking for next conquest in all the wrong places including:
1: Ex-Girlfriends.
2: Roommates or best friends other half.
3: Local slut.
4: Colleague during the Christmas party.
5: Ten to 2’s
Mike: Dude you have been out all night and you know you got the early shift.
Dan: Sorry mate I’ve been down the local bars searching for a midnight bike to ride.
Mike: Say no more, your just Cluckin for a fuckin.

Sue: We should not do this it’s not fair to Mike.
Dan: As long as we don’t tell him he won’t have to know.
Sue: your Cluckin for a fuckin and you ant getting it off me.
Dan: What’s your sister’s number and I’ll give her a call.
by tomlizard September 11, 2009
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