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A new subgenre of dubstep which features smooth basslines and electro jabs in order to make the sound of dubstep more suitable for the club dancefloor.
Hey jess what are we dancing too? Its so weird and different, but I like it.

Havent you heard? Its clubstep... totally the hottest thing right now.
by master pasta November 09, 2010
Commercial dubstep popular with the masses. Relies as much on catchy vocals as the heavy sub-bass.
Terrence: I really love that dubstep track 'Katy on a Mission'.
Sofia: You don't like dubstep, the shit you listen to is clubstep.
by Senor_Dub September 08, 2011
Sounds like a complete pile of shit.

I'm gunna brock out with my mature cheddar jap eye to some Magnetic Man.
by DrDreyyyyy February 03, 2011
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