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club NJT is short for or otherwise known as club "new jersey transit". referring to a New Jersey transit train line running from NJ to NY penn station.Originated in Northern NJ by a small group of friends back in 2003 and has since grown to a greatly know adventure to be had by many.This particular train runs any night of the week leaving any time but normally returning from NY Penn station at either 1:34 am or if the night was that great,7:11 am the following day.The most common and best days to ride the club NJT would obviously be a weekend day such as saturday,thursdays and fridays are also good choices or whenever a concert may be going on at madison square garden.Club NJT is a great way to meat new friends,drink and just have an all out blast.Drinkin on the train is permitted and as well encouraged.
Asher- How are we going to get to the concert at madison square garden??
Blake- Well its much safer and much more fun to take Club NJT,plus we can drink on the way in and meet new friends

Blake-It's a saturday night and nothing good is going on,any ideas??
Asher-dude,lets take Club NJT to the city,you know we will have a blast like everyone else riding
Blake-good plan,lets grab some alcohol and roll.

"He put his arm right through the cooler full of beer we took with us on Club NJT"
by blckstng96 December 17, 2009
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