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Clown Jockey: a controlling douche bag boss who's secret to success is a big joke around the workplace.
Anyone whose success is built on lies and deceit.
Clown Jockey is a Boss, a manager, mid-level douchebags, but never the underdog.
A Clown Jockey appears confident and may be successful, but he/she sucks at life (and is generally clueless of the fact.)

"clown jockey douchebag!"
A Clown Jockey may be anyone who is too pathetic to ride in the clown car, so he/she must ride the clown.
"listen, you clown jockey(s), this is my two week notice"
"My clown jockey boss has no idea what the managers are getting away with, here."
"This whole place is run by out-of-touch, corporate clown jockeys."

Clown Jockey can be used in conjunction with douchebag, i.e: "Clown Jockey Douchebag"
by TornadoTeen August 13, 2012
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