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To bong 3-4 roaches in succession
"I just burned a clover"
by Surge November 11, 2003
A clover is when the ping-pong ball lands at the intersection of three cups during a game of beer pong.
Holy $hit, Tim just hit a clover.
by Chee$e December 30, 2006
when a male sticks his sweaty ballsack and his very raw hard juicy think cock in a females ass
zach- dude i clovered this dime peice last night

kary- ew u nasty ass nagger (.22 fireing)

kary- die nager die!!
by karion August 08, 2006
Nickname of Rockstar Courtney Love
I'm going to Clover's tonight for McDonalds and Champagne
by Awful May 20, 2006