I was SO clover that day!
by SnapeLover December 26, 2009
To drink without people knowing, made for code.
Hey, you wanna get drunk tonight?

Shut up man my dads upstairs call it clover for code!
by andeh/hareece May 11, 2010
a sexual act in which 2 individuals work both their hands into the anus of a 3rd party, end result both fists are in the rectum resembling a 4 leafed clover
hey cam, i gave cori the clover for st patty's day
by Lord-Gore March 17, 2010
clover is a plant often found in clover fields. however, whilst clover is a plant that grows where no one wants it, clover is also a nick name for a person who goes where no one wants them to (e.g. parking their caravan on private land and then stealing your windchimes)
oh no, some gypsy started camping on the field behind our house

ah shit, we've got clover
by seb crane March 05, 2008
an ancient mute soldier. original name-chloe
hey clover hows it hangin
by makiki August 10, 2003
n. (slang) marijuana, hemp
the band was seen burning some clover outside of the club
by mervinhelm January 06, 2005
i luv her even if she is animated
the hot one from totally spies
by ananomus July 22, 2004

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