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some one whom you know is racist yet has not openly admitted to being racists or says they aren't racists when confronted. These people tend to use peoples correct nationalities to describe people as opposed to latin, or black, they say Colombian or Nigerian.

Closet racistism: occuring in a conversation

Brittany: Dad can i go out with G?

Doug: Oh the Mexican kid, NO! I just don't like him for you.

Brittany: why?

Doug: because i said so.
by Angela parra-samra July 14, 2008
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Someone, usually white, who is racist but will never come out publically about it because they are afraid. They tend to say the N word outloud when alone, and derive pleasure from picking on minorities. Though they would never confront a black person using racist lingo, they may act out their oppressed behavior in racist blogs or by tattooing a swastika on a region that can be hidden with casual clothes.
Jake is a closet racist, did you read his blog?
by Marcy May November 10, 2009
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Someone who tries to hide the fact that they are racist. This is often done by concealing their true thoughts by opposite behavioral patterns in the same overcompensating fashion as many closet homosexuals do.
David: I just read an alarming paper on the socioeconomic position of African Americans.

Jim: Mmm, what? Afro Americans? Sounds a bit racist to me..

David: No it isn’t, listen: analysis of several US federal statistical databases showed that African Americans are more likely to end up in prison than to end up in college. Just an alarming statistical fact.

Jim: You can’t say that! That’s racist man!

David: I think you're a closet racist.
by Gein050 October 17, 2011
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Someone who harbors a lot of racism inwardly yet doesn't express it outwardly in an attempt to come across as a nice person. Majority of them will say they support Donald Trump because "he tells it like it is", meanwhile they truly relate to his policies of xenophobia.
Mr. VonClownstick: Your brother seems like such a nice guy, I'm surprised he supports Donald Trump.
Mr. Drumpf: He's really a closet racist, I heard him murmuring about how the "Wetbacks" were coming for his job.
by Rwhite84 June 18, 2016
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A person who acts politically correct about race, cultural differences in public but is secretly a racist.

Expressing racist or anti semetic terms only around certain groups while hiding your true hate in the closet so as to be politically correct.

Hearing someone you thought you knew say hateful terms about another race, religion or group.
I talk to this guy in the morning when I get coffee, he seems like a nice guy but one hot day he has a sleeves shirt on exposing several anti semetic tattoos. He's a closet racist.

A man who thought no one but the clerk was in the store make a joke about gay marriage until he realized someone else was also in the store add, ahhh yeah someone else told me that joke.. sorry. That's a closet racist.
At my neighbors house after their barbecue make racial slurs about someone they invited but only after the othee person has left. Closet racist.
by devinemrs September 22, 2015
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