Top Definition
a club rat, someone who lives at/in the clubs because they think they're awesome.

i.e most miami kids

not necessarily anything negative, it's pretty legit
guy #1: let's go to LIV tonight!!
guy #2: alright you cloober, let's ride
by the man myth and legend July 08, 2011
This word originated when it was an amusing typo of the word 'bloody' while being used as: "I have no bloody clue." "I have no clooby clue." It has since then become a sort of insult or filler word. It can be used almost anywhere. It's a noun, verb, adjective, everything all in one!
"You cloobering cloob cloober."

"You're such a cloob."

"Clooby yeah, clooby yeah!"

by xRainbowPhoenix August 05, 2007

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