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a club rat, someone who lives at/in the clubs because they think they're awesome.

i.e most miami kids

not necessarily anything negative, it's pretty legit
guy #1: let's go to LIV tonight!!
guy #2: alright you cloober, let's ride
by the man myth and legend July 08, 2011
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This word originated when it was an amusing typo of the word 'bloody' while being used as: "I have no bloody clue." "I have no clooby clue." It has since then become a sort of insult or filler word. It can be used almost anywhere. It's a noun, verb, adjective, everything all in one!
"You cloobering cloob cloober."

"You're such a cloob."

"Clooby yeah, clooby yeah!"

by xRainbowPhoenix August 05, 2007
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