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When you take a shit so huge that it clogs the toilet.
Conway took a clogger shit; it was so huge that the toilet got clogged and shit water overflowed from the toilet bowl.
by tttmack November 18, 2008
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simaler to the linkin log shit this shit is when you think it's soft yet extreamley hard. You flush the toilet and it cloggs the toilet so bad the water is getting past it but nothing can break thru the impenitable force the is the shit. Not even the toilet snake can save you now. Don't bother calling the plummber cause his snake won't get it either.
yesterday i took a shit and i thought it was soft so i flushed and it turned out to be a Clogger shit i guess i shouldn't have eaten those breakfast burriots!
by kool_kat ate me May 03, 2009
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