The lord of all spiders. Bigger than Most wall clocks. He has supernatural powers and makes a very loud PFIIRRRT shrieking sound before it strikes.
The spider found behind the wall clock of a LUEser. Go to and the LUE message board for a picture.
by Ryan Clockspyder August 18, 2003
(CS for short) A spider that was once found behind a clock, three pictures were taken of it, one with its legs sticking out from behind the clock, one (clock removed) showing the relative size of the spider, and one (clock removed) showing the details of its body. A message board called LUE worships it, and there are rumors of it once having a ninth leg.
LUE bows in reverence to our almighty god, the one and only Clockspider, ruler of the universe.
by ned randersoff December 25, 2003
Additional info:
According to lore, the Clock Spider once had a ninth leg. That leg fell off one day and is now what Christians, Musilims, and Jews alike worship as God.
Not Applicable
by IanTheLUEser December 14, 2003
A spider that's...well, the size of a clock. Who is everyone so scared of it?
dj gs68 took the Clock Spider, stuffed it into a jar, and launched the jar into space.
by dj gs68 June 22, 2003
A weak foe dismembered after a strenuous fight with Eternal Ferret. We all mourn this Loss. HAHA SUCKERS!!
"Clock spider, shmock shmider. The Eternal Ferret just whoped his ass good!"
by Scotty February 07, 2004
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