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Cloaked Meat is a situational condition that impacts those who consider themselves to be vegan, vegetarian or simply do not eat animal meat products. Cloaked Meat is when an animal meat product is either purposely or accidently placed into a food entree to be served and eaten by a non-meat eater. Cloaked Meat is most often, but not always, discovered in wraps and sandwiches that are marked as meatless or vegetarian found at catered lunch meetings and functions. The meat is considered Cloaked due to the fact that it is not readily visible to the eye and is often buried under lettuce and other customary sandwich fixings. Even more difficult to spot is Cloaked Meat in baked and cooked entrees. Cloaked Meat is usually only discovered once bitten into and most often, when already swallowed. Depending upon aversion to meat products, Cloaked Meat can result in nausea, vomiting, stomach ache and in extreme instances, massive, explosive diarrhea.
Roxy attended the office's get together for Henry's pending retirement. The company provided a lovely catered lunch which included sandwiches and wraps from a local deli. Roxy selected the sandwich marked "vegetarian wrap" since she is averse to eating animal meat products. Halfway through her sandwich and during a mid-chew and swallow, Roxy discovered that there was Cloaked Meat. Within minutes, Roxy was overwhelmed with nausea and had to leave the party. Within the hour, Roxy found herself running to the bathroom to avoid a shart and she subsequently expelled explosive diarrhea.
by My Boysen Cider February 27, 2014
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