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An incredibly sexy British actor who's starred in many things on both stage and screen. Credits include Chancer, Bent, Croupier, a series of BMW short films, Closer and Derailed. He's smart, talented and quite good looking.
Clive Owen is an amazing actor.
by Mr Jake G November 27, 2005
Quite possibly the most arousing man to ever kiss on screen. Expletive, this man makes me want to pound.
Oh god, if these people insist on PDA, they could at least involve Clive Owen.
by Sarica Mibley January 02, 2006
An AMAZING actor. Very versatile in his roles.
"Man, did you see Clive Owen in Gosford Park? Simply amazing."
by #93 April 21, 2006
1. used to explain completely outrageous situations that couldn't possibly ever happen.
2. used to describe people with amazing badass characteristics
1. "How did he kill the guy with a carrot, grab the baby, jump off the roof through the window of the next building, hit the ground rolling, and NOT wake the baby up?" "It's Clive Owen"
2. "Did you hear about what he did at the party?" "omg he's soooo Clive Owen."

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