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Certain areas of the eyebrow that have no hair. Preferably on a male and done on purpose.
"Soulja boy's Clits are huge!"
by Crazily; Brilliant! February 29, 2008
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Bastardization of clitoris.

Located at the point where the labia (lips of the vagina) coverge at the top of the vagina. It usually is hidden beneath what looks to be a large fleshy nub called a hood. When stimulated or by pushing the pelvic tissue upward, it can be seen.

Extremely sensitive organ that produces immense amounts of sexual pleasure for most women. When properly stimulated, can induce multiple orgasms.

Marks women as the only animal on this planet with an organ designated solely for sexual pleasure.

Usually a must for most women during sexual intercourse. Most face to face positions allow for it to be "crushed" by flesh and pushed upward by thrusts via the male hips. Not suprisingly, most women find it difficult to orgasm in positions that do not allow for the stimulation of the clitoris without some hand to hand help.

A reasonable substitute for foreplay.

Formed from the same tissue as the head of the male penis.

God's bribe for childbirth.
There is almost nothing sweeter for a woman in this world than some good lovin' on her clit.

Screw the g-spot, go for her clit.
by anonymous June 12, 2003
10332 3155
the part of the female that loves to be licked slowly around and fluttered quickly over
ha :)
by The Croc July 13, 2003
7777 3955
the clit is the female version of the head of a penis. men enjoy blowjobs, therefore women ejoy stimulation of the clit. most men, unfortunately, do not know where the clit is or how to use it and think that it severs no real function. this is equivalent to saying that the head of the penis deserves no attention durring any sexual acts. the clit is capable of giving many women multiple orgasms, and any man that can deliver that for a woman is practically guaranteed good head, sex or both.
do you know where the clit is? uhm, well its about 2 inches from where you think it is....for god's sake it's pierced!
by toby March 30, 2004
4911 2493
Nature's Rubix Cube.
To find the clit is to find true happiness.
by cyanide_chewing_gum March 29, 2005
4995 2788
The spot of all spots on a woman - if touched right can make you squirm all night long, and if he or she knows what there doing can make you have the best orgasim possible - multiples if you please.
I thought I knew how to touch myself until he did it and oh my god I wanted to cum right then - get someone who knows what there doing - i did
by sanchez June 20, 2003
2989 1602
a small erectile organ at the upper part of the vulva, homologous with the penis <~ actual deffinition here people! yay!
many guys have touched ana's clit.
by JS, Shay, Ana June 02, 2003
3459 2124
Abbreviation of the word 'Clitoris'. A sensitive little bump at the top of the female genitalia. Very few men realise it exists, & those who do seem to think that prodding it once or twice will have women rocketing their way to multiple orgasms. The clitoris is not, however, fictional. It does exist, contrary to what most men think....
The day my girlfriend told me that her clit was actually more than an insignificant little bump... Well I'll leave the rest to the imagination!
by sexi lil sadie March 18, 2005
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