A place where the ground abruptly drops many feet. Also called a "precipice". Imagine it like this: --*-_ You are the asterik, and the drop from - to _ is at least your height, if not many times that.
Abe: Hey jack! Jack!!
Jack: what?
Abe: there's a cliff!!!
Jack: a what?
Abe: A CLIFF!! Don't look at me! Look in front of you!!!
Jack: WHAT???
by Physh September 18, 2005
To end abruptly in the middle of something, like an instant message or conversation. Very annoying, especially if it happens often.
-ing , -s, -ed
"Don't get distracted and cliff me."

"Everytime I get in a conversation with Wormy he keeps cliffing me!"

"He cliffs IMs at any given moment."

Wormy: Yeah so this dog got hit by a car today...
Dara: Omg how retarded! Is he still alive?
Dara: .... hello?
Dara: WORMY???
Dara: goddang it, i got cliffed again.
by Darathinas October 05, 2006
that section of muscle and/or fat that sorta hangs off the side of your knee, just off your inner thighs. usually only girls have it, but not all of them.

a female can have a cliff yet still have inner leg clevage {sic}, and/or have a cliff yet still have a leg gap.

a cliff is NOT Vagina Leg Syndrome (VLS). a cliff is on the side of one's legs, not on the back of the legs.
Girl 1: ur so skinny!
Girl 2: nah i've got a cliff
Girl 1: liar
by janet334 November 04, 2011
To be a complete and total douchebag. A jerk or very rude individual.
My boyfriend wouldn't stop being a Cliff last night.
by Bone Marrow January 14, 2009
A piece of food or other foreign object attached to or stuck between teeth. (noun) Origin: East Aurora NY
You have a cliff.
Dude do I have a cliff? (subject smiles for inspection)
by AnonymousEA Boy February 13, 2008
vagina with loose flap one of which lays on there leg
"Dude the chick cindy i got with at the party was sick."


"She had the worst cliff ever."
by yohoooo August 19, 2009
the act of pleasuring a cow then sniffing the load up your nose to draw it through your mouth.
can also be done on a horse.
"Pat cliffed the shit out of that heifer."
by Jonathan Kent Smith November 07, 2007

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