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A clever jewish individual, those especially creative in the entertainment industry. A common slang term used within the Jewish community.
Thank God we hired that Clew, we just got three more studio deals this week.
by laurentaylor March 08, 2011
a man hu constantly has the urge to shit on dykes chests
that clew over there wont stop tryng to sell me his sweaters
by Jlaur April 03, 2006
An acronym of Canine Lipstick engine weasel, i.e a dog
Dude, have you taken clew out for a walk in the park this morning ?
by slssfw May 20, 2005
Adj. wack ass shit
'I saw this gas station in Sidney called Bread N' Loaf.'

'The fuck kind of name is that? That shit's clew.'
by Johnnypry August 17, 2014
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