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This is a combination of two sexual fetish acts.

It involves having a male defecate on you, followed by the recently defecated upon performing annalingus on the defacater while giving him a reach around hand job.

This is a combination of a Cleveland Steamer and a Rusty Trombone.

Thus: Cleveland Brassband.
Friend 1: My boyfriend shit on me and after that I licked his asshole while jacking him off from behind.

Friend 2: Oh, he gave you a Cleveland Brassband? I don't know which one of the two of you I'm more jealous of.
by Rusty Condor August 13, 2009

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A sexual act, involving a male partner who defecates on his significant others chest (this can be a male or a female). After dropping the kids off on his receivers chest, the male then has hit dirty asshole eaten out by the receiver, followed by a rusty trombone.
Reggie: I clowned that bitch...after the Cleveland Steamer she ate my ass and then followed it up with a Rusty Trombone!

Terence: That's some shit...sounds to me like a Cleveland Brass Band son.
by winnberg October 23, 2009