made famous by kenny chesney in his song 'anything but mine'. 20-25 minutes east of chattanooga. also referred to sarcastically as 'cle-vegas', due to the lack of entertainment in this town. local highschool/college kids drive around for hours on weekends what is called 'the L', a stretch of main road just off the interstate the resembles the letter l. entertainment ammenties include a two screen theatre that used to be a porn theatre, walmart, and lee university.
There's always something to do in good ol' Cle-Vegas!
Cleveland, TN; isnt that where inbreeding started?
by Luke Duke dood October 13, 2005
Top Definition
A place for people that are not cool enough for Knoxville, but not dumb enough for Chattanooga. Chucked to the gills with churches, drug stores, and Mexican restaurants. See also "Clevegas" or "That place between Atlanta and Knoxville." Home of God (Lee) University, Emo kids, Goth Rednecks, Redneck Wiggers, Gangsta Thugs, and Doped Up Bible Thumping Hating The World Taco Chuckers. We also have two Walmarts and a 10 screen movie theater. Church!
"I'm in the mood for God, Hydros, Emo Concerts, and Pollo Locos...Let's head down to Clevegas!"

"Let's go get drunk with Beefy and yell at Lee students while driving!"

"Man, let's go down to Cleveland, TN and listen to Justin's mom bitch at him!"
by Beefy and Justin November 02, 2007
A screwed up little town full of Redneck goth wannabes and rich pastor children who smoke weed and fuck "bad boys"
"Hey isn't that Pastor (name of pastor) daughter?"
"Yep, but shes from Cleveland, TN...and she just sucked her third dick"
by thesexytape June 03, 2016
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