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Cleveland is Steaming is an inspirational band from Chico, California. Songs have heavy sexual references, hence why they are named after one of the greatest sexual acts of all time, the cleveland steamer. They have been said to sound like "the greatest band you have ever heard, combined with the greatest band you never heard". They have an album out right now called "Ugly Assed Chimp in a Blue Suit" with the single "Fuck you Tommy" other notable releases include "Blumpkin" and "Bay-B Gurrl". They first became famous for their rendition of the Catdog theme song. They are currently in the studio, rumored to be recording the songs "Bark Bark Bark if you're in Milwaukee" and "Assholes are for Fucking"
Check out their myspace music website ending with clevelandissteaming

Dude! i got a blumpkin last night listening to the song blumpkin!

Cleveland is Steaming is the greatest band ever!
by T. moneyAlabamaHotpocket December 16, 2009
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