1. (Cleveland Brown Sr.) A Neighbor and best friend to Peter Griffin in the TV show family guy. Cleveland is an African American divorced dad, who's very calm and gentle. His ex-wife's fling with Glenn Quagmire ended their marriage. Tends to be boring and funny at the same time

2.) (Cleveland Brown Jr.)Chris Griffin's friend and son of Peter's friend Cleveland Brown Sr. Unlike his dad, Cleveland Jr. is all hyper and has A.D.D.

3.) The only team in the NFL to pull a Jesus. They relocated to Baltimore, then the Baltimore team was forced to sever all ties with it's Cleveland past so that an expansion team would now axquire all of the Baltimore team's Cleveland past, thus becoming the reborn Cleveland Browns.
Peter Griffin: Well guys, my vasectomy is tomorrow.
Cleveland Brown: You poor bastard. After all, sex is pointless without potantcy.
Glenn Quagmire: That's right, you take the venom out of a cobra and what do you got? You got a...a belt.

The Cleveland Browns trounced the Pittsburgh Steelers last sunday, that Cleveland Brown team will win a Super Bowl one of these Centuries.
by Floyd Henri January 29, 2008
A team that has had a great history until the year 1995, when Art Modell took our players, our coaches, and our city's pride and took it to Baltimore and a few years later stole our super bowl. A team with a fan base that does not care if they win or lose unlike those god dam Steelers fans. Most of the Steelers fan base is in Ohio in which they say they are true fans, when most of them can't say where the city is, the head coach, or say they have been in the same state. Also, nice job losing to a 1-11 team when you were the defending Super Bowl Champions. Anyway every Browns fan is loyal because everyone else are assholes so they only cheer for the Steelers.Maybe I talked to much about the Steelers but the point is Browns mean a lot to this city and other people don't get it because they are fucking ass kissing, bandwagon jumping, idiot assholes. If you are from somewhere around Pittsburgh then its ok to be a fan.
Steelers fan(not real one) "Man I am such a good fan these Steelers are awesome and the Cleveland Browns suck."Browns fan"Ok, tell me who is the head coach, starting Strong safety, the location of the city, and what state they are in" Steelers fan"Uh... well our quarterback is awesome" Browns fan" Oh isn't he getting another sexual lawsuit, tell me his name.Steelers fan"Number 7"browns fan" Get the fuck out of here.
by Brundon Junferson March 06, 2010
Similar to a dirty sanchez, only, after anal sex, you smear the poo under each eye,thus resembling a football player.
Last night I tackled my girlfriend below the 10 yard line, turned her tight end into a wide reciever and penalized her with a Cleveland Brown..
She promptly retaliated by sacking my quarterback (penis).
by Fulltime667 December 18, 2004
When a woman has a beautiful body and an ugly face. E.G. nice uniform, ugly helmet.
Sara Jessica Parker is such a Cleveland brown... she needs to do something about that mole.
by Erewan September 10, 2009
1. Pathetic excuse for an NFL franchise.

2. A team of NFL football players who suffer from "Superbowlphobia".
Guy one: "Hey, did you hear how the Cleveland Browns couldn't get into there own stadium last week?"
Guy two: "No. Why's that? Were they locked out?"
Guy one: "Oh no, someone just painted a goal line over the door."
by squrillyboy September 12, 2009
A Cleveland Brown is a name given to a particular type of woman who like the team has a "great uniform but bad helmet", meaning her body is fantastic but she has a face made for radio.
Todd: Man am I having a bro-lemma. This bartender at The Fainting Goat pub is the ultimate Cleveland brown. Amazing legs, rich family, great turd cutter, but when she turns around. Bam ! That face just kills me with her summer teeth and mono-brow. And trouble is she keeps on asking me to take her home. I don't know what to do.

Thomas: Just imagine how horny she is cause no one is taking her up on it. I would do it just for that.

Todd: Yeah, you may be right.
by Paastastic7 June 24, 2013
An insignificant team from the insignificant town of Cleveland, Ohio whose only tradition is losing. The fans think they are rivals with the Bengals and the Steelers. But their team is so god-awful that nobody even cares about them. Cincy is concerned with Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh is concerned with Baltimore. What's a rivalry when you know who's going to lose? HINT: Cleveland
Browns Fan: "I love my Cleveland Browns, and I can't wait for the Steeler's game. I hate them!!!"


Steelers Fan: "Haha, that's cute. When do we play the Ravens?"


Browns Fan: "I hate the Bungles, lets go Browns."


BengalsFan: "Fuck Shittsburgh!! Wait did you say something?"
by browns who? September 28, 2013
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