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A small less known town west of Orlando, Florida. Although twenty years ago the town was made up of orange groves and dirt roads, the little town is now rapidly expanding.
There is a large population of Caucasions, but there is also a growing population of Hispanics and African Americans, that usually come from northern states such as New York or New Jersey.
It has a high school called East Ridge High School, home of the Knights, and right across from it is Lake Sumter, the convenient community college most of the students go to.
Safer than Orlando, but you should still be aware of crimezones.
A popular tourist site only because it is a quiet town and only about thirty to fourty-five minutes from Disney World.
Clermont, FL is famous for it's wanna-be gangs, the Citrus Tower, and the high school's football team.
by ;anonymous September 01, 2008
The place where the crunkest parties happen in MOCO.
Yo, I bet that AG in Clermont is gonna have another party, yo. That one last week was the illest.
by crunkmaster3000 October 04, 2004
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