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A synonym for the word: Ugly. Clergham was coined in early 2008, by a notable QC from London. Usage of the word has increased dramatically over the past couple of months, thanks to public use by rap artists, local newsreaders and even politicians.

Amusingly, when Roger O. Federer (the tennis champion), lost to Rafael Nadael in the Wimbledon final of 2008, Mr Federer used the word which led to a rapturous applause.
Rafael Nadal: I'm so happy to be accepting this trophy.
Roger O. Federer: You deserve it. Well done.
RN: Thanks. You need to work on your swing

RoF: At least I'm not Clergham.

Boy: Dayummm gurl, you are fine!
Girl: Thanks, but you're Clergham.
#clergham #ugly #horrific #minging #munter
by P&M love Alan October 18, 2009
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