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Kingdom Hearts yaoi fanfiction pairing of Cloud Strife (originally Final Fantasy VII), and Squall "Leon" Leonhart (originally Final Fantasy VIII).
Story pairings: akuroku, soriku, cleon
by crimescenesc May 14, 2007
A bad-ass warlord of the Coney Island Warriors in 1979
Rembrandt:No problem Warlord,I'll take the Warriors all city..
Cleon:Don't get ahead of yourself young blood.
by Magicstar1992 October 28, 2010
In the Resident Evil fandom, the pairing of Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy.
example IM:
ResEvilfan: I've been looking for some Cleon fics and so far all I see are Chris x Jill!
by RizaHawkeye January 09, 2009