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Someone residing in the small tatertown village of Clemson, South Carolina. Clemtards are generally illiterate and mostly toothless. They prefer to wear puke orange clothing and are attracted to farm animals. Their favorite activities include cow tiping, and getting slapped on the ass with a rubber chicken. Clemtards often congregate in packs on fall saturdays. They hoot and hollar but usually disperse dissapointed when the booze wears off. Most Clemtards like worthless rocks and are mezmorized with shiny objects. They are easily fooled and are often the butt of jokes. Clemtards often worship the Dabo. A Dabo is a labotomized clemtard.
Look at Billy, he's mounting them sheeps again. What a clemtard.

Willie is such a Clemtard. He traded his wifes wedding ring for 3 taters.
by Cox McGillicutty February 29, 2012
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