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(1) Abbr. Cliche

(2) A generic filler word that can be used in a multitude of situations, ranging from vulgar to commonplace.

(3) The skin located in the crook of the knee.
Person #1: I just got chrome spinning rims installed on my Odyssey.
Person #2: Oh, man! That's so cleesh!

Person #1: Her skirt was so short that her cleesh was hanging out!
Person #2: Oh my god! She's such a slut!

Person #1: I have a huge test tomorrow that I didn't study for.
Person #2: Cleesh, man. Cleesh.
by Cleeshlife May 08, 2011
What you would call something very cool but not an ordinary circumstance.
That spontaneously combusting swan was sooo cleesh!
by spiderjoe November 30, 2010
An amount of human equal to a 1x1x1 inch cube.
"I just stole a cleesh from someone!"

"Damn! Lookit that cleesh!"
by CRuh March 28, 2005
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