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The act of shitting on your partners chest, covering it with seran wrap, sitting on it smearing it all over his/her body without getting it on yourself.
Jon: Hey, whats a cleaveland steamroller?
Lyndon: Oh, about thirty bucks down town.
by Jamie Chennells September 17, 2008
It is like the action of doing a cleaveland steamer but after acting out this freaky revenge plan, you then decide to grab their arm/hand and make them smear it all over their chest. If your evil enough you leave a blob of crap on their hand then tickle his' or her's face until they hit their face with yesterdays brunch.
Girl #1: my boyfriend is such a nob...

Girl #2: what you going to do then?

Girl #1: ..... he's getting a cleaveland steamroller tonight!

Girl #2: WOW! your harsh!
by Jewsie Woosie February 04, 2010