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The word "clayez" is used to refer to someone that has a drug problem. Used heavily with teens.
"i've heard Marks a Clayez, is it true?"
"yeah man, he is screwed"
by Katie_loves_phil May 25, 2008
4 0
a "clayez" is someone who has a drug problem.
It is local slang and used mostly in Essex.
"don't be a Clayez dude, get some help"
by Johnny:D:D May 25, 2008
8 5
a term used for drug abuse
"mann that guy is on a clayez"
by natalie__0 May 24, 2008
3 0
A local term referring to drug abuse
"did you hear? John is on a clayez"
by Mark_1234 May 24, 2008
2 1