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A slut who has tactic and knows the line between a whore and a slut. She may have no pants parties where she wears a shirt as a dress, but she keeps it classy and still leaves things a mystery. She doesn't get pregnant and keeps sexual activities classy by not touching a man's reproductive organs with her hands or mouth. She keeps herself mysterious and lures in men with simple flirting and does not throw herself all over a man and does not act desperate. A classy slut may resemble a woman vampire.
"Jill has the men coming after her, she is such a classy slut, unlike her friend Jackie who is more on the bro hoe side."

"That girl's dress is so skanky!"
"Yeah, she needs to be more like Jill and keep it classy."
by The Classy Slut December 11, 2009
An item of clothing that doesn't make you look like you need to get paid, but shows that you know how to have a good time
Girl, those shoes are Classy slut
by mistressJ August 12, 2009

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