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Also CRH.

Someone who only listens to Classic Rock and dislikes all modern music.

They usually listen to these bands

- Led Zeppelin
- The Beatles
- The Doors
- Pink Floyd
- The Who
- Jimi Hendrix

They usually only listen to 2 or 3 of them regularly. Classic Rock-Heads condemn modern music when they probably never heard any due to them listening to Led Zeppelin all day. The only modern band they know of is Fall Out Boy, they usually never heard any of their music but condemn them because another Classic Rock-Head did.

Classic Rock-Heads believe any guitarist past 1990 has no talent. Therefore they have no interest in Tom Morello. They also think Velvet Revolver is bad and say Slash is bad now.

Although Classic Rock is good they think that no other music is good.
person: Check out this song
classic rock-head: Is it modern?
person: No its from the 70's
classic rock-head: Who is it? Its good!
person: Its The White Stripes, Jimmy Page was in that band.
classic rock-head: Awesome! This music rocks, but not as much as Led Zeppelin
person: Haha, its modern music! And the guitarist is Jack White!
classic rock-head: I knew it! I never liked it!
by joe725 October 23, 2007
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