When a hot chick walks in front of your jail cell, and you get her attention as you through your warm man goo in her face.
After visiting Hannibal, the hot FBI agent was surpised when an aroused convict Clariced her.
by pubesforpetrolem June 13, 2010
Top Definition
A beautiful girl who everybody loves and she has an amazing personality. She loves to party, get a little alcohol in this girl and she will run WILD.
Damn, Clarice is a good time!
by comeatmebro677 October 07, 2011
One who is very strong, friendly, good head on their shoulders, very trusting. A person with this name will thrive in any situation, but they do not like being the center of attention. Giving, loving, and cares about everyone else before themselves. Creative. Will stand up for themselves and do what is right for everyone.
Clarice is such a good worker!
by 21nativeAngels March 14, 2013
A young girl that has similar looks to a Harry Potter character. All the boys like her, secretly. They are mostly overwhelmed by her hilarious personality. She is destined for fame. Clarices tend to be very nice and love to talk. They are fun people to be around but often get confused with Emma Watson.
Hey let's go see the new Harry Potter movie Clarice is in it.
by knowit7373 December 13, 2013
A typical girl with golden ass. Code name:menkiller39
Clarice is getting all the men tonight.
by NotMyRealNamezxc January 28, 2016
A tiny bell that goes around a petunia.
The bumble bee lit upon the petunia and rang the Clarice
by Oceana2007 February 03, 2010
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