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Though many believe it to be a fictional, unrealistically heavenly place, Claregalway is, in fact a place 10 km north of Galway City, Co.Galway, Ireland, Europe, Earth, Galaxy, Universe. It consists of places like Cregboy, Cloon Bog, Cloonbiggeen and Lydacan. It is notorious for dumping by travellers and bush drinking by a few particular people who shall remain unnamed. Popular venues in "CG" include the dugouts, the cemetery, numerous fileds and behind every housing estate. Drink can be purchased in many local establishments eg.Centra, Spar, the Chinese etc.....
awww boiz ye goin bushin(drinking) behind riveroaks,(estate) claregalway??
awww boiz ye goin cuttin da turf in Cloon Bog??(a bog being where turf is magically created)
by WD1234 February 18, 2009

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