the most conceited, arrogant, bitchiest and pig-headed person in the world, who walks over anyone she doesn't like, who thinks going to school and dealing with everyone's drama is traumatic, therefore thinking everyone has to wait on her, hand and foot, a person who mumbles all the time and the screams at you for not hearing, the person who asks a question then screams at you that she doesn't care if she doesn't like the answer, a person who is an immature little brat
Jane Doe: Oh my god! people are soo annoying, why don't they listen to me?? I go to school, I'm like the smartest person ever!
Jhon Doe: do you ever listen to yourself??? don't be so (pig-headed)
Jhon: oh my god Jane is soo, conceited!
Joe: she's totally beeing a Clare!
by AngeGirl1000 November 08, 2011
Top Definition
A beautiful, kind hearted, yet firey soul.On the whole this foxy cat is a gem but woe betide the person who does not fold the tent correctly or pack the boot correctly.
Clare is a diamond of a lass but has fiery pottential.
by Fogsy July 14, 2006
A typically female name. It means "clear" or "clarity". She is usually friendly, outgoing, and extremely multi-talented. Her journey is the envy of many.
Person 1: Did you read Clare's paper linking architecture and futurism?
Person 2: It was brilliant. I hear she is working on a new film now. Speaking of which, have you seen her new storyboard sketches?
Person 1: Not yet, but that is so Clare.
by ExquisiteExquisite July 04, 2008
Origin: Latin, meaning clear, bright, famous, powerful.
Pronunciation: KLARE
Gender: female
Usually an odd individual that enjoys the kinkier side of life. Maintains an active sex life and is always open to new experiences. Attracts both male and female attention. Nothing will stand in her way. She is a strong influence on the innocent as she appears so herself.
Actually I think shes a bit of a Clare.
by EBBEZXWESSX April 25, 2009
Extremely bright, and wonderful to be around. They are lots of fun and are quite nice. At times they can be sassy, but they are always helpful.
by purpleelephantz March 25, 2010
A very HOT HOT HOT individual who has everything going for her. Does amazing things with amazing people. No one can ever get enough of Clare.

C-L-A-R-E is the coolest spelling of the name.
Clare is as hot as the sun.
by meester 0 January 26, 2011
an extremely hot beautiful girl who is loved by many. she has boys falling over her and is wanted by both girls and boys. she has very few flaws except that she is too perfect. many girls are jealous.
OMG clare is awesome
by you know who it is!!!!!!!!!!!! October 31, 2010
my bessssssssssstest buuuuuuuuuuuuddy
omg she is such a clare
by pieisamoose April 28, 2009

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