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When someone belongs to more than one gaming clan and plays different games with the members.
Where is Manclad tonight ?

Oh he is playing Fifa with Gamerdads or GT5 with PSL but he is not with us ACOG tonight. He'll be on later with us in MW2 or BC2 no doubt.

He is so clansexual, he is such a clan whore.
by tlpn99 December 14, 2010
People who play Counter Strike or other fps games that constantly change their name to appear in a different clans.
{1337} GaryRocks: Hey guys
csguy1: Hey GaryRocks, aren't you also in the -={HAXOR}=- clan?
csguy2: OMG and i've seen you online as pwnzor|GaryRocks !
csguy3: OMG clansexual!

by Mesh Gear Fox November 12, 2007
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