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E-famous Chicago scene kid. A very talented graphic designer with taste and skill not unlike Nicholas Scimeca. Well known by scene queens like Jac Vanek and Hannabeth, fellow e-famous people like Crystal Cashdolla, and bands like Empires, 2*Sweet. But he is most well known for his good friendships with members of Cobra Starship. While he is close with all of them, he is particularly close to Gabe Saporta, Ryland Blackinton, and Alex Suarez. And he's done personal favors for Alex, Ryland, and Vicky T.
Infamous poster on Fall Out Boy's fan club Overcast Kids, where new members anonymously admit that they have secret crushes on him, and wish they were his friend. He can be found walking down the streets of chicago accompanied with a scene scarf that serves no real purpose but to look awesome, his sidekick, and one of his many AA hoodies in various colors. (red, purple, sunshine, etc)
"I requested Clandan on Myspace, but he denied me!"
"well duh! He doesn't add anyone he doesn't know"

"DAMMIT! NOW I WISH I WENT! But it's ok, because I saw him do the rap in the House Of Blues last time"
by Garlin Sands March 30, 2008
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