In Skateboarding... When trying any trick, ussually a flat ground trick, the skateboard gets "tangled" in ur feet with one foot on the ground and the other on the top of the board.
"Damn dude I keep getting clam shells today!"
by Frank Anthony Davis April 26, 2007
a sex postion when the girl pulls her feet towards her head and you get her up the arse
Man)Do you wanna FUCK
Woman) Yeah clamshell lets go right hear right now.
by 4twentymasta February 01, 2016
Pussy poke out like a clamshell
Hey u see that girls clamshell
by Lilbuck June 15, 2015
The female version of batwings

When the two vaginal lips are stuck to both legs, and are spread open like a clam shell
Veronica gets a clam-shell when it gets really hot out.
by ryandubya253 January 04, 2012
(v.) The female equivalent of a cock block, i.e. when a female prevents you from scoring sexually.
When Amanda and I got back to her place after the party, her roommate totally clam shelled me by suggesting we all watch the "Glee" marathon on TV.
by segway56 May 27, 2011
This is a term used to describe the action of hanging up on somebody while using a flip style phone.

Verb: Clamshelling
Past Tense: Clamshelled

1.) I was talking to my bitch but she started to get all straight funky whack so I clamshelled that bitch.

2.) Keep talking shit or I gonna be clamshelling your ass

by Zack Moore January 04, 2007
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