The female version of the teabag.
Whilst snapping some pics for our church Youth Group newsletter Lana suddenly straddled my head and clambaked me. What would Jese think?
by Capt Scotty March 03, 2007
To fishbow a car in Rockport MA.
Dude, lets go to to gordons then go up the line to glouchester and clam bake my car.
by JDids0000 March 06, 2009
The art of two (or more) women rubbing their lower genetalia together. Their "clams" get so hot, there have multiple orgasms. This becomes the "bake".
Lynn: Last night, I had Jo and Flo over the house for a clam bake.

Syd: How was it?

Lynn: Everyone was satisfied. Can't you tell by the smile on my face?
by V J January 05, 2006
when you go to a lan and smoke so much that you cannot see anymore
Go to joopies lan and we can have a Clam Bake
by Josh Krantz March 21, 2003
While having anal sex from behind, you stuff your balls inside her clam.
I hope she doesn't queef during the clam bake.
by d12 June 29, 2005
ancient healing technique in which a poltice of hot seaweed and fish heads is placed atop a womans vulva. believed to cure syphilis and other s.t.d.'s.
"medicine man give wife calm bake, but still smell same to me. ugh!"
by pro-nun-see-A-shun March 25, 2003
when a guy offers a chick some of his weed and smokes up with her with the intention of getting her high and lowering her inhibitions so he can score with her after.

when a chick that loves to smoke weed, but never has any of her own, comes on to guys with weed and usually has sex with them so they'll share their smoke with her. similar to a coke whore, except with weed.
I saw Cindy smokin' up with Josh last night at the party.

Yeah I heard he nailed her in the backseat of his car right after the clam bake.
by Robert Richards September 30, 2007

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