When a guy lunges penis-first at a woman who is laying on a bed with her legs spread wide, aiming for her vagina.

This act has been derived from the words "Slam Dunk," and was widely used by Wilt Chamberlain in his effort to take the "ball to the hole" and "make those outside shots" in venues outside of the sporting arena.
Todd perfected his Clam Dunk form with a little practice, easily Clam Dunking into Sarah's obliterated snatch.
by WiltChamberlain November 06, 2011
Top Definition
The female version of the "Tea Bag"
I'm so tired of people always tea bagging me on halo. I'm going to clam dunk their asses!
by missivy June 30, 2009
The telltale impact sound created the moment a gaping vagina is skewered by hastily inserted man meat. The queef before the queef.
Roommate 1: "Did Becky get a salad last night at Chili's."
Roommate 2: "Dunno, but for dessert she brought Danny home for a clam dunk; I heard it through the wall even before her shoes hit the ground, yo!"
by mackometer June 18, 2009
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