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High functioning retard. A "special person" who almost passes muster but makes you glace askance at them and blink rapidly once they open their mouth. (e.g. an evolutionized idiot).
Mary: "Hello, On-Star, I locked my keys in my Kia."
On-Star Operator: "Ma'am, please pull on the handle and step out of the vehicle. Daym you're an hfr girl."
Mary: "Inaudible gurgling".
by mackometer June 18, 2009
The act of accidentally seeing a person of the opposite sex partly or fully naked immediately before you enter their space for some legit purpose.
Airline Passenger: Judd, guess what! I got a perview of that hot spanish flight safety attendant because she fogot to slide the bolt to "occupado" while on the john. I was walking in to take a piss and saw her taking a t.p. tour of Forrest Gump, yo!!

Happens all the time to meter readers and letter carriers.
by mackometer February 25, 2010
The telltale impact sound created the moment a gaping vagina is skewered by hastily inserted man meat. The queef before the queef.
Roommate 1: "Did Becky get a salad last night at Chili's."
Roommate 2: "Dunno, but for dessert she brought Danny home for a clam dunk; I heard it through the wall even before her shoes hit the ground, yo!"
by mackometer June 18, 2009

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