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It is a marijuana smoking technique that involves several awesome, yet simple, steps. It certainly increases your "high" and drunkenness exponentially. To be performed with two participants.
1) Inhale marijuana (Do NOT exhale yet).
2) Take a hearty gulp of your beer/ shot/ alcoholic beverage.
3) Create a shottie tunnel (a.ka. just link fingers together to create a tunnel)
4) Exhale into said tunnel.
5) Inhale the exchanged smoke.
6) Exhale back into tunnel and quickly inhale again.
(If you are adventurous, take another gulp of alcohol.)
7) Exhale completely.
Person A: "Yo, dude, wanna do a Claire-Dive?"
Person B: "Why didn't I think of going Claire-Diving tonight?! HELL YEAH!!"
*Both participate in Claire-Dive*
Person A & B: "Woahhhhh, I am so perfectly stoned, satisfied, happy, and drunk right now...."
by joydrop143 November 07, 2011

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