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massive insult of metal proportions.

Created by the god that is Terry Beezer
Beez - *stupid voice* ohhhh thats not metal....... fucking clahns.......
by Ian_Raven April 16, 2010
A word which can be used in many ways, but primarily an insult.
Example 1:

Person 1 - "What do you think of 30 Seconds To Mars?"
Person 2 - "The're a bunch of fucking clahns"

Example 2:

Person 1 - "Are you going to Clahnload this year?"
Person 2 - "No because those old clahns AC/DC are there"

Example 3:

"Oh... thats not da metulz, shutup, you fucking clahn"
by jared leto April 17, 2010
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