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A creature made of pure awesomeness. Resembles the shoop da woop face or blackface. He demands that, in his hut, you mast gather 'round the good stuff or GTFO.
"Clacky's Hut - Gather 'round the good stuff or GTFO"
by Clacky May 02, 2008
The irritating noise made when you need a drink.
"Get a drink clacky mouth."
by mattyp01 March 11, 2013
A type of dominatrix found in the South Wales valley's, know for her strawberry shortcake and monkey punches when using a strap-on.
She is definitely a Clacky that one....
by JR 37 March 09, 2009
a word meaning extreamly awsum.
that is sooooo clacky!!!
by dubbers March 23, 2005

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