(Adj.) To be full of clab (dirty, greasy, nasty bit like ben's mum)
Ben: Shuddup, your clabby
James: Aww wot man, ur mums clabby
by Ha><star March 24, 2006
Top Definition
A noun used to describe a person that with whom once you enter a conversation, there is no escape.

See also:

clabby clabtastic clabmaster clabalicious clabbybuster
Sorry I'm late... I got caught by a clabby in the hallway.

(upon breaking up a converstation with, come on - we have to go) "Wow, thanks for saving me from a vicious clabby."
by unClabby July 28, 2009

To be clabby is to be the following: ugly, dirty, STD-ridden, trashy, annoying, slutty or just gross in general.

Someone who is clabby is far too disgusting to be labeled beat, white trash or raggie.
"Did you hear who he hooked up with last night?"

"Ew, she's beyond clabby."
by clabbermeister June 24, 2011
a hot, incredibly sexy, and damn fine woman with tits like jumbo scoops of ice cream- lickable and stickable
that girl is such a clabby! man i want that clabby!
by kinkmaster101 June 06, 2007
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