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Short for Cixah syndrome. Cixah syndrome is defined as when somebody on the internet decides they want neither caps lock nor all lowercase, and as such either capitalize words when unnecessary, or capitalize all but the first letter of each word.

Cixah syndrome comes in varying degrees:
Stage I: Accidentally capitalizing a word or two.
Stage II: Intentionally capitalizing a word or two.
Stage III: Intentionally capitalizing about 15% of your words.
Stage IV: Intentionally capitalizing about 25% of your words.
Stage V: Intentionally capitalizing about 35% of your words.
Stage VI: Intentionally capitalizing about 50% of your words.
Stage VII: Intentionally capitalizing about 75% of your words.
Stage VIII: Intentionally capitalizing about 95% of your words.
Stage IX: The highest stage; you capitalize each and every word. This stage is fatal if left untreated.
Guy 1: Aw dude did you see that concert last night?

Guy 2: Yeah, Man, It Was Awesome.

Guy 1: Why the hell are you capitalizing all those words?

Guy 3: He's got Cixah. There's nothing we can do for him now.

Guy 1: Sucks.
by Kethrook October 25, 2010

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