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This is a new product offering from Cisco Advanced Services; also know as Cisco AS. Cisco AS light is the same professional services offered by Cisco Systems but without the default arrogance. The other benefit of Cisco AS light is that Cisco actually sends engineers to your company that are certified on Cisco equipment.

Cisco AS light also offers an improved user interface. This is a result of the less arrogant engineers not having a chip on their shoulder or feeling that they constantly have to prove themselves. Drinking Cisco kool-aid becomes optional for those that choose that lifestyle.

Cisco Systems expects this new product offering to drive 3rd Quarter earnings this year to an all time high as they redefine professional services in the network consulting industry.
before Cisco Advanced Services – Light

Eng 1: Dude; why did the network crash?
Eng 2: Oh yeah,,, Some Cisco AS guy came out to demo a WAAS appliance.
Eng1: Haven’t they heard of Riverbed?
Eng2: The Cisco account manager knows the best titty bars!
by Network Dawg February 12, 2008

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