1. Usually an enormous striped tent sitting in the middle of nowhere that showcases clowns and other freakshow acts on a stage full of lions and other animals.
2. Murder Inc
"You's not them G's, you's a circus." - Obie Trice
by B-Drac September 28, 2003
Top Definition
An event designed to horrify the young with grotesquely painted clowns, grunting animals, and cheap popcorn that stains teeth orange. Known worldwide to be an advanced technique of torture for those who are afraid of clowns.
"We will take you to the damn circus if you continue to act out, Jimmy."
"Sally went to the circus and was never the same again."
"Getting raped isn't as bad as getting raped by a Clown."
"Sammy and Jimmy went to the circus and were mauled by an elephant."
by Thomas W November 29, 2007
1. A big place where kids like to go because people stick needles threw their body...and they live!

2. The place where runaways go.

3. The tent with stripes where clowns work.
1. "Hey mommy! I wanna go to the circus and see the guy stick needles threw his brain again!"

"Honey, we just saw it five minutes ago..."


2. John ranaway to the circus at the age of 12. He hated his life and his parents. He started working there as a clown, but he died when one of the radioactive burning logs caught fire to his hair.

3. This is the tent where the clowns live. They have awesome huge red noses and puffy hair, kinda like Ben Wallace. They can make you dog balloons. Go Clowns!
by Vinchenzo Livingstondonsonski March 01, 2005
A collective noun, referring to a large group of midgets
There was a circus of midgets at the park today.

The Juarez family children are a circus of midgets.

The circus of midgets are angry that we do not refer to them as "little people"
by o0st0ned0o June 24, 2010
Another word for hyphy and krunk. Acting crazy like an actual circus.
1. Man did you see Jamal he was on his circus man.

2. Man I stay circus ya dig?

by Sadiq May 06, 2007
a crime scene or group of law enforcers
see the circus is in town
by chocofreak9889 August 14, 2010
consist of four people that are loud, annoying, and non entertaining. They only care about themselves. May live at home with their moms, share a car with there moms, and have their moms do there laundry.
Sally was not entertained by the circus and demanded her money back.
by p.i.c.s. May 02, 2009

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