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A Tim Hortons employee who is heavily concealed behind vast amounts of makeup, gothic eyeliner and porn starlet red lipstick creating the appearance of a clown behind the counter.

Also known as a "CC"
Man check out CC tonight yo......that Circus Clown could juggle balls off that ass son. Shes got that hair of hers all balled up like a bozo the clown wig under that hair net.
by T-DawG November 22, 2004
A sexual act. Right as you are finishing a guy off with an old fashioned hand job, unknowingly aim it toward him so he ejaculates on his face. This can be paired with a red clown nose or by doing a "honk honk" motion afterwards for the full effect.
As John was approaching climax from receiving the best hand job ever, Veronica secretly put on a red clown nose and circus clown'ed him at the perfect moment.
by randomuser815 February 27, 2015
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